[Msa-discuss] New deadline and instructions for MSA Book Prize submission

Gayle Rogers grogers at pitt.edu
Thu Mar 26 08:05:53 EDT 2020

Dear MSA colleagues,

The following announcement has been circulated to presses and publishers.  If you published a book in 2019 that you would like to have considered for the MSA Book Prize, please share this with your press and ensure that they submit in this new way:

As you know, the recent disruptions around the globe have made it impossible for us to carry out a number of routine practices.  One of those was the MSA book prize competition, which was slated to have a deadline of April 1.  None of the judges are able to reach their campus offices now, and mail delivery has been suspended at our universities regardless.  So we have come up with an alternative plan, and it has a new deadline of May 1.  Please help us circulate this information wherever you see fit.

For the MSA Book Prize (for First Book Prize and other competitions, please await separate instructions), please choose one of the following options:

  1.  Ensure that the following universities all own digital copies/e-books of the titles you wish to submit, including books that you already submitted in hard copy since those are no longer accessible, and email the list of titles to Sarah Baumann at sebaumann at pitt.edu<mailto:sebaumann at pitt.edu>:

Marquette University (library catalog<https://www.marquette.edu/library/>)
Oregon State University (library catalog<http://search.library.oregonstate.edu/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?http://search.library.oregonstate.edu/primo_library/libweb/action/login.do?vid=OSU&mode=Advanced&ct=AdvancedSearch&dscnt=0&scp.scps=scope:(OSU),scope:(E-OSU)&dstmp=1584984357525&fromLogin=true>)
University of Pittsburgh (library catalog<https://www.library.pitt.edu/>)


  1.  Please email Sarah Baumann at sebaumann at pitt.edu<mailto:sebaumann at pitt.edu> for a link to a Box folder where you can upload a single pdf of each book you wish to submit.  This is a secure folder, accessible only to the committee members themselves, and all laws governing copyright and property apply.

If you have questions, please reach out to the prize committee chair, Gayle Rogers, at grogers at pitt.edu<mailto:grogers at pitt.edu>.  We aim to work with you flexibly to keep this competition moving forward.  Thank you in advance and we look forward to reading your press’s works.

Leah Flack, Elizabeth Sheehan, and Gayle Rogers
MSA Book Prize Committee, 2020

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