[Msa-discuss] disability studies panels at MLA 2021 in Toronto

Linett, Maren T mlinett at purdue.edu
Fri Feb 21 10:57:17 EST 2020

Dear MSA colleagues,

The following panels are being sponsored (or co-sponsored) by the TC forum in Disability Studies at the MLA Convention in Toronto, January 2021:

    Disability and Human Enhancement
    As we begin to enhance human beings through technology or genetic
    engineering, what will this mean for conceptions of disability and for
    disabled people? 300-word abstract to Maren Linett at mlinett at purdue.edu by
    9 March, 2020.
    Neurodiverse Cripistemologies Past
    Papers exploring texts, individuals, and events developing anti-ableist
    representations of varied perception and cognitive ability before modern
    neurotypical classifications. Race, gender, queer, indigenous intersections
    welcomed. 500-word abstracts by 8 March, 2020. Stephen Knadler (
    knadlers at spelman.edu)
    In collaboration with the Forum on Affect Theory and Cognition, we are also
    proposing a special session (i.e. *non-guaranteed):*
    Disability and joy
    Exploring disability and...bliss, delight, ebullience, elation,
    exhilaration, happiness, jouissances, joy, liberation, pleasures, revelry,
    wonder (etc.). Approaches reflecting cultural specificity of affect,
    cognition, and disability are especially welcome. 300-word abstracts and
    CVs to both Ralph Savarese (savarese at grinnell.edu) and Tammy Berberi (
    berberit at morris.umn.edu) by March 9, 2020.

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