[Msa-discuss] EoIs for feminist roundtable due 21 February

Alix Beeston BeestonA at cardiff.ac.uk
Sat Feb 15 15:23:15 EST 2020

Thanks very much to those who have already sent EoIs for the roundtable described below. Please note that the deadline for submissions is this Friday 21 February. These should be sent to beestona at cardiff.ac.uk.

Is the New Modernist Studies Feminist?

In the inaugural issue of Feminist Modernist Studies, Cassandra Laity argues that in spite of the foundation of the new modernist studies in feminist convictions and methods, the field is entering its third decade without having undertaken "a full-scale, feminist modernist recovery." Has the new modernist studies been feminist? Is it now feminist? And in what specific ways, in Laity's terms, might "taking gender/the body/women as a point of entry" stand to "expand and/or completely alter current definitions of modernism" ? or, indeed, to challenge the norms, conditions, and institutions of the new modernist studies?

Expressions of interest are invited for a roundtable discussion of these questions at the 2020 Modernist Studies Association conference in Brooklyn. Panelists will stage a frank and robust conversation exploring the significance of feminism, broadly defined, in the new modernist studies, as well as the needs and opportunities of feminist work going forward. This roundtable will bring together emerging and established scholars in facilitating cross-generational and cross-disciplinary dialogue. It will also seek to center the perspectives of people of colour and people with disabilities, attending in particular to intersectional feminisms and disability studies approaches, including strategies of anti-racism and anti-ableism at the level of scholarship as well as of our present labor arrangements.

This roundtable will comprise a series of brief, 5-10 minute provocations or position statements from the panelists, which will form the basis of a wider discussion moderated by Alix Beeston.

If you are interested in participating in this roundtable, please send a 150-200 word statement to beestona at cardiff.ac.uk no later than Friday 21 February 2020. Your statement should consist of: 1.) a response to the roundtable?s guiding question, ?Is the new modernist studies feminist??; 2.) a concise summary of the theoretical and/or methodological intervention of your research and teaching (current, ongoing, or past) in feminist modernist studies; and 3.) a suggestion of one avenue of scholarly work that you see as essential to the future of feminist modernist studies.

EoIs are particularly encouraged from early career and contingent colleagues, people of color, people with disabilities, and queer and LGBTI scholars.
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