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Wed Feb 12 18:12:59 EST 2020

New Ways of Thinking About Modernism and the Left

Scholars have explored modernism’s relationship both with the political
right, broadly construed (fascism, nationalism, etc.) and the political
left (feminism, pacifism, and Marxism in its time, how it anticipates
disability studies in our time, etc.). In the spirit of MSA 2020’s stream
topics on crip modernisms, activism, and environmentalism, this panel
explores new paths for scholarship on modernism and the left.

In support of “new" conceptual models, I leave open the meaning of “the
left.” Papers on pre-WWII modernism are encouraged, and subsequent
modernisms are also welcome topics. Papers can address individual writers
or modernism as a movement, and describe modernisms as expressing or
repudiating leftist values. They might discuss *modernism and anarchism*
(including anarchism’s distinctions from other leftist ideologies), *modernism
and environmentalism* (and how environmentalist agendas have or have not
changed over the last century), *modernism and post-Enlightenment faith in
historical progress*, etc.

Submit 150-word abstracts and 50-word scholarly biographies to Jesse Wolfe
at jwolfe1 at csustan.edu by Sunday, March 15.

Jesse Wolfe
English Department
California State University, Stanislaus

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