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Announcing the launch of Amodern 10: Disability Poetics <https://amodern.net/issues/amodern-10-disability-poetics/>
An issue edited by Orchid Tierney and Davy Knittle

http://amodern.net <http://amodern.net/>

Amodern 10: Disability Poetics

Disability Poetics:  <https://amodern.net/article/amodern-10-disability-poetics/>
Media, Performance, Technology <https://amodern.net/article/amodern-10-disability-poetics/>
Orchid Tierney

Proprio-spection:  <https://amodern.net/article/proprio-spection/>
The Poetics of Medical Imaging <https://amodern.net/article/proprio-spection/>
Jessica Lewis Luck

True Crime’s Poetic Form: <https://amodern.net/article/true-crimes-poetic-form/>
Consuming Disability in Jillian Weise’s “Elegy for Zahra Baker” <https://amodern.net/article/true-crimes-poetic-form/>
Sarah Nance

“45 Degree Angle Can’t Do It on Typewriter”: <https://amodern.net/article/45-degree-angle/>
Psychiatric Disability and Hannah Weiner’s Typewriter Poetics <https://amodern.net/article/45-degree-angle/>
Declan Gould

Larry Eigner’s Ecrippoetics <https://amodern.net/article/ecrippoetics/>
George Hart

The Disability Politics of Blight: <https://amodern.net/article/blight/>
Grappling with Urban Cure in Brenda Coultas’s “The Bowery Project” <https://amodern.net/article/blight/>
Davy Knittle

Speaking of Messes: <https://amodern.net/article/speaking-of-messes/>
Stutter as Black/Crip Coalitional Method in Douglas Kearney’s Poetics <https://amodern.net/article/speaking-of-messes/>
Jessica Susan Stokes

Tender. Marbled. Health. <https://amodern.net/article/tender/>
The Poetics of Meat, Mad Cows, and Human-Animal Illness <https://amodern.net/article/tender/>
Liz Bowen

The Crip Poetics of Pain <https://amodern.net/article/the-crip-poetics-of-pain/>
Travis Chi Wing Lau

Different Seeking Same: <https://amodern.net/article/different-seeking-same/>
Playing with Aesthetic Distance in Disability Poetry <https://amodern.net/article/different-seeking-same/>
Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry

Extant’s Flatland: <https://amodern.net/article/different-seeking-same/>
Disability and Postphenomenological Narrative  <https://amodern.net/article/different-seeking-same/>
Daniel Paul O’Brien

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The journal is distinguished by its focus on poetics as a scholarly practice, with particular emphasis on the unruly ways that people deploy media and technology behind, beneath, and despite their instrumental functions. Against thegrain of determinism, we hope to attract work that bears witness to media as complex assemblages of institutions, subjects, bodies, objects, and discourses.

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