[Msa-discuss] CFP for ALA 2020: Photo-Texts and the Mapping of American Lives

Sophia Bamert slbamert at ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 20 17:27:53 EST 2019

Dear colleagues,

I seek submissions for a panel that I am proposing for ALA 2020. See CFP
below and attached.

Sophia Bamert

Photo-Texts and the Mapping of American Lives

Panel CFP for American Literature Association, San Diego, May 21-24, 2020

>From *How the Other Half Lives* to *Humans of New York*, American authors
have long interwoven photos and writing to theorize and map the modern
United States and the people who inhabit it. Scholars such as Sara Blair
have analyzed how place-based photo-texts produce “emergent iconograph[ies]
of modern experience” (*How the Other Half Looks*), while others, like Jeff
Allred and Joseph Entin, have suggested how modernist photo-texts offer new
ways of conceptualizing crossovers between realism and modernism, the
political meanings and effects of documentary, and the ethics of the gaze.

This panel seeks to build on those insights by expanding the scope of our
definition and periodization of the photo-text and by focusing on the
unique ways in which juxtapositions of photography and text work to “map”
different kinds of political, geographic, social, and other spaces.
Possible questions may include: How have photo-texts depicted key sites of
American modernity and contemporary life? How does the genre encourage
spatial or geographic thinking? What new forms of the genre have emerged
along with contemporary technologies? What accounts of social trends and
political movements do these texts offer? How do they define and/or
critique American identity as tied to place? What are the afterlives of the
documentary photo-text in the 21st century?

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) the relationship
between either canonical or less-studied photo-texts and:

-geography, spatiality and temporality

-the social sciences and/or journalism

-documentary photography and captioning

-digital and social media

-affective reception

-class and poverty

-gender and intersectionality

-ecology and environmental crisis

-race, ethnicity, and segregation

-migration, immigration, and assimilation

-urbanization and urban landscapes

-rural spaces

-the South

-the Great Depression and the FSA

Please submit a 300-word abstract and brief bio to Sophia Bamert at
slbamert at ucdavis.edu by January 10, 2020.

Sophia Bamert
PhD Candidate, English <https://english.ucdavis.edu>
Assistant to the Director of First-Year Composition, UWP
Graduate Writing Fellow <https://writing.ucdavis.edu/wac/consultations>
University of California, Davis
pronouns: she/her
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