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Dear Maren,
There's quite a bit in the book series 'To-Day and To-Morrow', which I write about in Imagined Futures (link below). I'd particularly recommend H. S. Jennings' volume, Prometheus; or, Biology and the Advancement of Man, (1925) which makes a powerful case against Eugenics.

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See https://theconversation.com/futurology-how-a-group-of-visionaries-looked-beyond-the-possible-a-century-ago-and-predicted-todays-world-118134

for a piece about the subject of my latest book:

Imagined Futures: Writing, Science, and Modernity in the To-Day and To-Morrow Book Series, 1923-31


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Dear modernist colleagues,

Do you have any advice or suggestions about what to include in a grad class on Modernism and Eugenics? I have a handful of texts I’m planning to include but am looking for more. I do have Childs’s book Modernism and Eugenics and plan to use some of what he talks about there. But I’m coming at the topic more from a disability studies angle, as he is not, and just also need more authors.

And if anyone is a Naomi Mitchison scholar, could you advise whether any of her novels is about or uses eugenics? I see she was a member of the Eugenics Society but I don’t know her work and there is a LOT of it.

Thanks a ton!



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