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For those who are attending MLA this week, here’s a reminder of our MSA panel, cosponsored with with the Forum on 20th and 21st C. English and Anglophone Literature.  We’d love to see you all there!

706: Peace and Futurity: 1918–2018
 12:00 PM–1:15 PM Sunday, Jan 6, 2019
 Hyatt Regency - Plaza Ballroom B

Over the last four years, scholars have thought fruitfully about the nature, meaning, and consequences of the First World War. But what about its peace? Can we look at the period after WWI, and on from there further into the 20th and 21st centuries, as offering new ways to conceptualize peace, not simply as the cessation of war, but as offering its own set of provocations and promises? Can we connect ideas of peace with sociality more broadly, with ecology, and with the future? This panel asks us to think about the peace that followed WWI not so much in terms of the actual outcome of the Versailles Treaty, but in terms of its potentiality.

1: The Ecological Consequences of the Peace

Paul K. Saint-Amour, U of Pennsylvania

2: The Art of Peacekeeping

Sangina Patnaik, Swarthmore C

3: Ending War

Sarah Cole, Columbia U

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