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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the publication of my book Latin Blackness in Parisian Visual Culture, 1852-1932 by Bloomsbury Academic Publishers.

Parisians’ representations of Latin American elites who traveled to France between 1852-1932 from their newly independent nations did not depict them as equals in a developing global economy. Rather, they were denigrated. Darkened skin etched onto images of those of European descent mitigated their ability to claim the privileges of their ancestral heritage; whitened skin---among other codes---imposed upon those who were Black, tempered their Blackness and rendered them relatively assimilable compared to colonial Africans, Blacks from the Caribbean, and African Americans.

This study explores these themes and the understudied visual language used to portray Latin Americans in mid-nineteenth- to early twentieth-century Parisian popular visual media. It is rooted in the notion of Latinization, which connects France’s early nineteenth-century endeavors to create “Latin America”---an expansion of the French empire into the Latin-language-based Spanish and Portuguese Americas---to Parisians’ perceptions of this population. After identifying mid-to-late nineteenth-century Latinizing codes, I focus on shifts in Latinizing visuality through three case studies: depictions of popular Cuban circus entertainer, Chocolat; representations of Panamanian World Bantamweight Champion boxer, Alfonso Teofilo Brown; and paintings of Black Uruguayans by Pedro Figari, a Uruguayan artist, during his residence in Paris.

Dr. Lyneise Williams
Associate Professor of Art History
UNC  Chapel Hill
CB #3405  115 So. Columbia St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3405
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