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The latest issue of Feminist Modernist Studies has just published online (print to follow). For those interested in Suffrage, we recommend the outstanding article by Sos Eltis!  See abstract and issue TOC below.

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“A Class Act: Constance Lytton and the Political, Literary and Dramatic Dynamics of Suffrage Prison Writings,” Sos Eltis (Oxford University)

In 1910 suffragette Lady Constance Lytton disguised herself as a working-class seamstress, Jane Warton. Her cross-class masquerade revealed the snobbery and injustice of prison authorities’ treatment of suffragettes: as Lady Constance Lytton she was diagnosed with a weak heart and placed in the hospital wing, but as Jane Warton she was put in the Third Division and force-fed until her health gave out. Lytton’s memoir, Prisons and Prisoners. Some personal experiences. By Constance Lytton and Jane Warton, Spinster became one of the most celebrated suffrage texts. This article reveals the literary and political sophistication of Lytton’s writings, and argues that her innovative use of metaphor and her deployment of contemporary dramatic techniques and theories are crucial to appreciating the power and influence of her memoir. Drawing on contemporary feminist and suffrage theater and using the relation between actor and role as a framework for her account of her disguise and imprisonment, Lytton’s memoir is both a skillful feminist negotiation of class tensions within the suffrage movement, and an example of how suffrage narratives can expand the extant canon of modernist writing.

KEYWORDS: Suffrage<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Suffrage>, memoir<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Memoir>, feminism<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Feminism>, force-feeding<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Force-feeding>, prison<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Prison>, class<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Class>, suffragette<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Suffragette>, theater<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Theater>, political<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Political>, Lytton<https://tandfonline.com/keyword/Lytton>

Feminist Modernist Studies

Table of Contents

Vol. 2, 1 (March 2019)


“A Class Act: Constance Lytton and the Political, Literary and Dramatic Dynamics of Suffrage Prison Writings,” Sos Eltis

“Hot Venus, Cool Modern: Voice, Body, and the Hungry Gaze as Sites of Black Feminist Re-inscription in Ann Petry’s The Narrows,” Caroline Brown

“Designing Women: Modernist Mass Culture and the Formation of the Female Body,” Kara Watts

“‘You can never tell what people will fancy, can you?’ Queer Narrative in Dorothy Sayers’s Detective Fiction,” Virginia Lauryl Tucker

“Indifference as Resistance: Virginia Woolf’s Feminist Ethics in Three Guineas,” Rachel Hollander

“Nightwood as a Way of Life: Queer Aesthetics, Capital, and Sociality” Michael Schmidt

Out of the Archives

Hélène Allatini, “Il et Elle” (“He and She”), from Mosaiques (1939), translated from the French by Anne M. Callahan and with an introduction by Pamela L. Caughie

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