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Discourses of
Modernity Seminar

member  of  ITN - Italian Thought Network 


February 13, 2019
, 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Loyola University
Chicago,  John Felice Rome Center

Via Massimi 114/A  -- 00136 Rome

Sala Felice

mmitrano at luc.edu


                                               Modernism and


Igina Tattoni (Sapienza University of Rome)


"The Gospel
According to the Son: Norman Mailer” 



Respondents:      	Rudolf Kutschera  (Loyola
University Chicago, JFRC)

                            	Paolo Simonetti (Sapienza
University of Rome)  


                                                                              We'd love to see



Igina Tattoni has taught Anglo
American Literature since 1972, first at the University of Pescara and then at
the University of Roma1 "Sapienza”.  In 1991, she obtained her PhD at
the Kent State University (Kent, Ohio). Her publications include essays
on Charles Brockden Brown, Walt Whitman, Sherwood Anderson, Thomas Merton,
Flannery O' Connor and Thomas Wolfe, an author she has analyzed in her The
Unfound Door (1992) and in the collection  Look Homeward and
Forward  (2002). She has translated into Italian The
Story of a Novel by Thomas Wolfe, a selection of ghost stories by Washington
Irving, The Early Prose of Walt
Whitman (with Gemma Castelli), the II Edition of Leaves of Grass,  and the Complete Short Stories by
N. Hawthorne (with Sara Antonelli). Her main fields of interest are short
fiction, Fantasy, Autobiography and, especially, the relationship between
fact and fiction. 




Rudolf Kutschera is Professor  of Catholic
Theology at the John Felice Center of Loyola University Chicago.  He is the author of various articles in German
on theological, spiritual and political issues. Building on his PhD
dissertation, on the interpretation of John 4,22 (“Salvation comes from the
Jews”), his work has incorporated Protestant, Catholic and Jewish authors,
relying on extensive field studies in Israel and Germany. After his graduation
from the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago (1991), he
worked as a campus minister and youth chaplain in Vienna; since  2004 he has been a member of the Community of priests
serving Catholic Integrated Communities; since 2016 he has been the tutor of the Distance study Program
“Theology of the People of God” at the Pontifical Lateran University which aims
at reconciling faith and reason and which draws on the experiences of both
Israel and the Church. Previously to his appointment at the John Felice Rome
Center of Loyola University Chicago, he taught theology and English language
and literature at several institutions in Austria (Innsbruck and Vienna),
Germany  (Munich and Walchensee) and
Italy (Grottaferrata and Rome).


Paolo Simonetti  teaches
Anglo-American literature at “Sapienza” Università di Roma. He is the author of a
book on conspiracy and paranoia in postmodernist American fiction (Paranoia
Blues, 2009) and the editor of the complete works of Bernard Malamud and
the selected works of Philip Roth for the prestigious series “I Meridiani”
Mondadori. He has published extensively on nineteenth- and twentieth-century
American writers such as Melville, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Nabokov, Auster,
DeLillo and Pynchon. He collaborates with the newspaper “Il Manifesto” and the
journal “Pulp Libri” as a literary critic. 
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