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Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to announce that my new monograph The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergences of Sexuality is now available from University of Chicago Press. If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can buy it with a 20% discount with the promo code: PERVERT.

Here is a description of the book:

Statue-fondlers, wanderlusters, sex magicians, and nymphomaniacs: the story of these forgotten sexualities—what Michel Foucault deemed “minor perverts”—has never before been told. In The Book of Minor Perverts, Benjamin Kahan sets out to chart the proliferation of sexual classification that arose with the advent of nineteenth-century sexology. The book narrates the shift from Foucault’s “thousand aberrant sexualities” to one: homosexuality. The focus here is less on the effects of queer identity and more on the lines of causation behind a surprising array of minor perverts who refuse to fit neatly into our familiar sexual frameworks. The result stands at the intersection of history, queer studies, and the medical humanities to offer us a new way of feeling our way into the past.

Elizabeth Freeman, author of Time Binds
“The Book of Minor Perverts remakes the history of sexuality. Kahan illuminates what is missing: the stories told since the eighteenth century, and peaking during the Modernist period, about how people become homosexual. This is brilliant, upending, field-changing work, which will take its place beside groundbreaking projects from major historians of sexuality such as Michel Foucault and David Halperin, and leading LGBTQ literary critics such as Eve Sedgwick and Valerie Traub.”

Jonathan Ned Katz, author of The Invention of Heterosexuality
“Is heterosexuality congenital or acquired? Is sexuality inborn or socially constructed? Or, according to the mushy middle model, is sexuality a bit inborn, a bit constructed? The loaded theories of sexuality’s origin get a much needed historical look-see in Kahan’s valuable, thought provoking book.”



The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergences of Sexuality, Kahan - press.uchicago.edu<https://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/B/bo34250572.html>
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The book The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergences of Sexuality, Benjamin Kahan is published by University of Chicago Press.



Benjy Kahan
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