[Msa-discuss] read new book on the Bauhaus, opticality, and visual culture

EDIT TOTH ezt105 at psu.edu
Tue Sep 18 19:57:07 EDT 2018

Read inventive scholarship on the intersections of art, design, architecture, film and theater:

Edit Tóth, Design and Visual Culture from the Bauhaus to Contemporary Art: Optical Deconstructions (Routledge, Advances in Art and Visual Studies, 2018).


Preview made available for 30 days by the publisher at: https://rdcu.be/4fuQ

Table of Contents:
1.        Introduction
2.        Orienting the New Woman: Breuer’s Furniture and Complex Gender Expressivity at the Haus am Horn
3.        Optical Improvisations: Jazz, Film, and Moholy-Nagy’s Light Prop for an Electric Stage
4.        Domestic Interventions: Marianne Brandt’s “Mediatized” Objects and Self-Portrait Photographs
5.        “Taking Apart” the Sukiya: The Yamawakis’ Postwar Tokyo Homes
6.        Vertigo and Kepes’s Light Art in 1950s America
7.        Contemporary Art, Architecture and Media: Recovering Material Space

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