[Msa-discuss] CFP for ACLA 2019: Baroque Bodies and Representations of Modern Subjectivity

Annaliese Hoehling ahoehling at english.umass.edu
Fri Sep 7 16:27:43 EDT 2018

In line with "bad modernisms" and new modernist studies' interrogation
of categorization
by period and style, as well as its exploration of modernism’s
relationships with (post)colonialism, postmodernism, feminist practice, and
the academy, we invite abstracts that explore "Baroque Bodies" in modernist
texts and culture.

Topics this seminar might include: Baroque aesthetics in modern literature
and culture, Embodiment, Performance Studies, Affect Studies, Aesthetics,
Queer Studies, Disability Studies.  Please see the full CFP here:


*Abstracts are due online at acla.org <http://acla.org> by Thursday, Sept

The ACLA will be held at Georgetown University March 7-10, 2019.  ACLA
follows a unique (but productive) format in which seminars are made up of
8-13 participants, and they convene over 2 or 3 days of the conference
(depending on the final size of the seminar).

Best wishes,

Annaliese Hoehling, MA, MFA
PhD Candidate (ABD), English Literature, UMass Amherst
Teaching Assistant, English Department, UMass Amherst

Recent Article: "Minoritarian 'Marvelous Real': Enfolding Revolution in
Alejo Carpentier's *The Kingdom of This World*
<http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/8acneCJiPUPNWNdIwUtm/full>." *Journal of
Postcolonial Writing, *54:2, 254-267.
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