[Msa-discuss] Modernism/Modernity Referendum

Templeton, Erin erin.templeton at converse.edu
Sat May 12 15:29:08 EDT 2018

Dear Members,

We are with sight of closing the door on the *Modernism/modernity* referendum
to change the editorial term from 5 to 4 years where the first two years
are spent as junior editor, learning the ropes and getting comfortable with
the protocols and procedures that make the journal such a success for our
organization, its contributors, and its readers. The second two years will
be spent as senior editor. This proposal comes to your from the current
editors and approved by the MSA Board, but because it involves a change to
our bylaws, we need YOU to vote.

Specifically, we need SIXTEEN of you to vote before we reach a quorum of
the membership. Not only is this a matter of some urgency because our
current editorial team is coming up on an election, and we cannot begin to
consider candidates for the position until we know what the commitment will
be for both the individual and their institution.

The website difficulties which had been generating a variety of user error
messages last week have been resolved by our friends at JHUP, so please
take a few minutes and cast a vote. vote.press.jhu.edu/msa/election/1

Thank you for your continued support.
Erin Templeton

Chair, Membership and Elections
Modernist Studies Association
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