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'Matters of the state and state building,' as Douglas Mao and Rebecca
Walkowitz wrote one decade ago, have received concerted attention in the
new modernist studies. However, much of that attention has preserved the
unilateral and agonistic model of influence sketched by Mao and Walkowitz,
attending to œ'the effects of the state on modernist production' and
modernist efforts to elude or to intervene in 'politics as such.'

This panel will explore new models of influence and intervention, building
on recent work by Michael Gardiner, Ravit Reichman, John Marx, Sascha Bru,
Aarthi Vadde, Timothy Hyde, and others to consider modernism's relationship
to the putative hallmark of the modern state: constitutional governance.

Preference will be given to proposals that use specific examples and case
studies to address broad theoretical, conceptual, and methodological
questions, such as:

- Can literature introduce new forms of government?
- How do modernist actors and institutions participate in the art of
- How do modernist cultures produce or channel constitutional change
(formal or informal)?
- Which constitutional priniciples or arrangements are endorsed by
modernist manifestos and avant-garde movements?
- What legal norms, demographic changes, and territorial alignments does
modernism mediate?
- What does modernism contribute to the writing, revision, or destruction
of state constitutions?
- What are the aesthetic, rhetorical, and figurative conceits of modern
- How are states affected by the non-governmental and/or transnational
character of modernist cultural production?

Please send 200-300 word abstract and brief bio to Ryan Weberling (
ryanweb at bu.edu) by April 1.


Ryan Weberling
Doctoral Candidate
Department of English
Boston University
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