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Laura Ann Winkiel laura.winkiel at colorado.edu
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MSA First Book Prize
The Modernist Studies Association seeks nominations for its First Book Prize. This prize is awarded annually to a first book published in the previous year. A panel of judges determines the book that made the most significant contribution to modernist studies. The winner receives $1,000 plus up to $600 toward travel expenses to the MSA Conference, where the award is presented.

To nominate a book for the MSA First Book Prize, please contact the publisher to ask that they arrange for a copy of the nominated book be sent to each of the three committee members:
                                Urmila Seshagiri
Associate Professor of English

  1.  Clung Tower

The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

Jesse Matz
William P. Rice Professor of English and Literature
Department of English
Kenyon College
Lentz House
100 College Drive
Gambier, OH  43022

Laura Doyle
Professor of English
Department of English
South College
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Please let the publisher know that books must be received by committee members no later than 15 March. Books arriving after that date may be considered for the prize but are not guaranteed consideration.
Self-nomination is strongly encouraged, as it saves a step in the process and helps assure timely receipt of books. Whether a book is nominated by the author or by someone else plays no role in the Committee's deliberations.
Please note also that books published in years other than the ones mentioned above (2017) are ineligible.
Submissions will not be returned.


  *   Nominated books must be the author’s first book (not including editions, collections, or anthologies), though they need not necessarily be single-authored
  *   Nominated books must bear a copyright date of the preceding year (e.g., for the 2018 Prize, the copyright date must be 2017, regardless of when the book actually appeared). This provision applies even if a new edition (paperback or revised, for example) was published in the award year.
  *   Nominated authors need not be members of the MSA
  *   A book may be nominated only once, either for this prize or for the MSA Book Prize.

View this call online at https://msa.press.jhu.edu/prize/nominate.html

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