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          At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I would like to let
members of the Modernist Studies Association know that *Planetary
Modernisms: Provocations on Modernity Across Time* is now available in
paperback. The book is part of the Modernist Latitudes series edited by
Jessica Berman and Paul Saint-Amour for Columbia University Press.
Information about the book is below.

         I appreciate, by the way, seeing notices of books on modernism on
msa-discuss; it helps to keep up with our ever-expanding field.


                                    Susan Stanford Friedman

*Book Description*

Drawing on a vast archive of world history, anthropology, geography,
cultural theory, postcolonial studies, gender studies, literature, and art,
Susan Stanford Friedman recasts modernity as a networked, circulating, and
recurrent phenomenon producing multiple aesthetic innovations across
millennia. Rejecting the modernist concepts of marginality, othering, and
major/minor, Friedman instead favors rupture, mobility, speed, networks,
and divergence, elevating the agencies and creative capacities of all
cultures not only in the past and present but also in the century to come.

*Editorial Reviews *


A brave, challenging, and incredibly stimulating account of where modernist
studies might go next. This book should be read and debated widely. In many
ways it turns the 'new' of modernism into the 'now.' A book that
emphatically, and in the very best possible way, provokes. (Andrew Thacker,
Nottingham Trent University, coeditor of *The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms*

In this bold and brilliant book, Susan Stanford Friedman calls for a
radical rethinking of the spatial and historical parameters of modernism.
Learned and expansive, generous and generative, formally inventive and
extraordinarily exhilarating to read, *Planetary Modernisms* will set
intellectual agendas for years to come. (Rita Felski, University of
Virginia, editor of *New Literary History*)

This is one of the most exciting and consequential books of modernist
scholarship in recent decades. Susan Stanford Friedman boldly crosses the
boundaries between world-historical and literary scholarship, between
criticism on twentieth-century and pre-1500 literature, between feminist
and global scholarship, and between postcolonial and modernist studies.
Passionate, provocative, and energetically argued, *Planetary Modernisms*
will generate animated debate and fresh scholarship. (Jahan Ramazani,
author of *A Transnational Poetics*)

This book is bound to spark intellectual discussion for years to come. (*World
Literature Today*)

[*Planetary Modernisms*] brings together more than a decade of influential
polemics and provocations.... Their collective arrival in book form
provides a valuable occasion to revisit, reflect, and reassess.
(Christopher Bush *Modernism/modernity*)

A thought experiment that invigorates the field of modernist studies by
altering its scales of time and place. (Laura Winkiel *Contemporary Women's

[An] important new book. (Rebecca L. Walkowitz *Interventions:
International Journal of Postcolonial Studies*)

Friedman has added immeasurably to our stock of images by which modernity
can be recognized and to the series of locations where it might be found.
(Bruce Robbins *Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial

*Planetary Modernisms* makes a signal contribution to the
multi-disciplinary study of modernism and offers an incisive engagement
with the planetary turn in the humanities and human sciences. (*Virginia
Woolf Miscellany*)

Susan Stanford Friedman
Hilldale Professor in the Humanities
Virginia Woolf Professor of English and Women's Studies
English Department, 600 N. Park Street
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706  Phone: 608-258-8080

*Planetary Modernisms: Provocations on Modernity Across Time*
Columbia University Press, August 2015
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