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*T. S. Eliot Panel Proposal for MLA, Chicago 2019New Editions, New
Writings: Fresh Perspectives on T. S. Eliotorganizer: John
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Until very recently, the selection of
Eliot’s writings available for scholars has been more partial, more
restricted than that of virtually every other central writer of the
modernist period.  In 1971, Valerie Eliot’s facsimile of The Waste Land
offered  a tantalizing, isolated promise of hitherto unknown Eliot, but
only now is that promise being fulfilled. In recent years, Eliot studies
has been transformed by the publication of close to 2,000 pages of the
annotated Poems; 6,000 pages of letters (not yet complete); and 5,400 pages
of The Complete Prose (not yet finished). As this extraordinary gathering
of materials shows us, students of this transformative poet, playwright,
critic, and correspondent have been working with what can now seem to have
been the merest sampling of his  writing.This panel calls for papers that
make substantive use of any of the “new Eliot” now available to us. Each
essay accepted for this panel will use the material in these new editions
in some way that helps to bring Eliot into fresh focus for his readers.
This may mean discussing hitherto unpublished or uncollected works; it may
also mean utilizing the critical and textual apparatus now gathered around
more well-known texts of Eliot’s to illuminate unexplored contexts,
antecedents, and connections.Submit 300 word proposal with brief bio by
March 15 to John Whittier-Ferguson at johnaw at umich.edu
<johnaw at umich.edu>][Scholars without institutional access to the Complete
Prose, published online through Project Muse, may contact John
Whittier-Ferguson for assistance: johnaw at umich.edu <johnaw at umich.edu>]*
John Whittier-Ferguson
Professor of English
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
University of Michigan
johnaw at umich.edu
*for AY 2017-2018:*
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