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Dear All,

I'm sympathetic with the wish to clear the in-box, but since these 
comments concern a voting issue for the membership, the "discuss" list 
seems like the appropriate place for them.

All best,


Jonathan Greenberg
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On 2/2/2018 6:50 PM, cjnoland wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could you please take us off of this email string?  If we haven't been
> editors, then we needn't be getting all these emails.
> Thanks!
> Carrie
> On 2018-02-02 15:18, Caughie, Pamela wrote:
>> Thank you for this helpful explanation, Erin.
>> Pamela
>> On Feb 2, 2018, at 1:18 PM, Templeton, Erin
>> <erin.templeton at converse.edu> wrote:
>>> Dear Jessica, Cris, Cassandra, Susan, Pamela, and members:
>>> I'm writing in my capacity as Membership chair of the MSA Board and
>>> liaison to the MSA membership, and I hope to clarify what seem to be
>>> a few misunderstandings regarding the proposed changes to the M/m
>>> editorial term length.
>>> 1)    The proposal before you originated with the current M/m
>>> editorial team in response to the present workload and structure of
>>> M/m, which has grown and changed significantly over the last decade,
>>> and in particular over the last 4 years under the leadership of our
>>> current editors. They made their proposal to the MSA Board, who have
>>> all agreed and approved it, and as a result that proposal has been
>>> forwarded to you, the membership, for your consideration.
>>> 2)    The change from 5 to 4 years is intended to reflect the
>>> current editors' recommended best practices to accommodate the
>>> present number of submissions, workflow, time commitment, and
>>> institutional resources. The journal is a different enterprise from
>>> when MSA produced one issue a year. For example, our editors
>>> estimate that at any given time, there are approximately 50 pieces
>>> out for review, not counting the many articles rejected without
>>> going out for review. The addition of the Print Plus platform adds
>>> the equivalent of about two issues per year, in terms of work. The
>>> editors now also run the review section. The bottom line is that the
>>> editorial position has easily doubled in productivity and
>>> responsibility and requires both a greater time commitment and
>>> greater institutional support than ever before.
>>> 3)    Given this additional editorial workload, the four-year term
>>> feels more manageable and more equitable. Our proposed bylaw change
>>> would ensure that every two years the membership appoints a new
>>> editor, the junior office becomes senior, and the senior editor
>>> rotates off. This process doesn't work with a 5 year term. The
>>> staggered editorial appointments not only ensure orderly succession
>>> and the preservation of institutional knowledge, but also provide
>>> for continuity of practice for our members, our authors, and our
>>> readership. The current editors feel strongly the term be an even
>>> number of years to provide for an equal division of labor and
>>> resources over the editorial term.
>>> 4)    The Board has brought the current proposal to the membership
>>> at this time so that if approved, these changes can be implemented
>>> before the next M/m Editorial Election, which will occur later this
>>> year at the annual conference (this year's is in Columbus, OH,
>>> November 8-11).
>>> 5) The ballot for voting on the proposed change can be found here
>>> [1]. (You will need to login with your membership username and
>>> password).
>>> With best wishes,
>>> Erin
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