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*Call for Papers*

*American Literature Association Annual Conference*

*May 23-26, 2019*

*Boston, MA*


The Ernest Hemingway Society will sponsor the following panel at the
upcoming ALA Conference:

*Graphic Papa: Hemingway in the Comics*

Ernest Hemingway has made many and various appearances in the medium of
comics, from a cartoon drawing in his senior yearbook in 1917 to a
three-issue role in one of Marvel’s flagship titles, *Wolverine*, in 1991
(issues #35-#37). In fact, thanks to the investigative work of Robert K.
Elder in his recent feature in *The Comics Journal*, “When Wolverine Met
Hemingway: A History of Ernest Hemingway in Comics,” we now know that
Hemingway has appeared in at least forty comics texts across five
languages. He has shown up as a character in mainstream series like
*Superman* (issue #277, 1974), in more critically acclaimed work like
Jason’s graphic novel *The Left Bank Gang *(2005), and even in satirical
comics like *Mad Magazine* (#24, 1955). In the wake of the new modernist
studies, scholars have turned their attention to modernism’s place in
popular culture; yet the medium of comics, characterized by its “low”
cultural status as kiddie fare or sensationalist trash, has thus far been
overlooked. Taking this critical neglect alongside the rapid rise of
“comics studies” as a legitimate academic field, an examination of
Hemingway in the comics appears relevant—even urgent. The proposed panel
will examine depictions of Hemingway in the comics.

Please direct your 250 word proposal and a short professional bio to Jace
Gatzemeyer at  jace.gatzemeyer at gmail.com. The deadline for proposals is
January 1, 2019. Papers will be limited to 15-20 minutes.

*Jace Gatzemeyer <https://www.unl.edu/english/jace-gatzemeyer>*


University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Department of English

jace.gatzemeyer at gmail.com
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