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On behalf of the Willa Cather Foundation:

Willa Cather Foundation Scholarship for Student Research

The Willa Cather Foundation is supporting emerging scholars who increase
our understanding and appreciation of the life and work of Willa Cather. As
a part of this effort, we have created a $400 annual scholarship to support
a student presenting their Cather-at a not-Cather-specific conference who
meets the criteria below. The Modern Studies Association is this type of



   Recipient must be a graduate student or advanced undergraduate student.

   Recipient must be on the program to present a paper related to Willa
   Cather at major conference. All scholarly and critical approaches are
   welcome, as long as Cather’s work is a central focus.

   Recipient must have travel and registration expenses not already covered
   by other external sources.

How to Apply

Applicants should send a message to Cather Foundation Education Director
Tracy Tucker at ttucker at willacather.org with the following attachments:

1.      One-page cover letter which clarifies that the applicant meets all
of the above criteria

2.      Copy of accepted proposal for scholarly presentation

Applicants who seek a scholarship should submit their application no later
than four weeks prior to the conference. For MSA that is September 12, 2018.

WCF Emerging Scholar Scholarships

The Cather Foundation is awarding three annual $400 scholarships. We prefer
to award at least one scholarship to a student presenting at the annual
conference of the American Literature Association and another to a student
presenting at the annual conference of the Western Literature Association.
A third scholarship is undesignated to a specific conference, but
preference is given to students presenting their research at conferences
that are not Cather-specific (such as the International Cather Seminar, for
which there are other available scholarships).


*Erin Templeton, Ph. D.*
Anne Morrison Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Study
Associate Professor of English
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