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The international Katherine Mansfield Society is pleased to announce that
this year's £200 prize for a scholarly essay on the theme of ‘Katherine
Mansfield and Virginia Woolf,’ has been awarded to Karina Jakubowicz of
University College London for her essay ‘A Conversation Set to Flowers:
Beyond the Origins of Virginia Woolf’s *Kew Gardens*.’ The judges for this
year’s Katherine Mansfield Essay Prize were Stuart N. Clarke (Chief
Editor, *Virginia
Woolf Bulletin, *Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain, and co-editor of
Virginia Woolf’s *Essays*), Christine Reynier (Université Paul Valéry –
Montpellier, France), Kathryn Simpson (Cardiff Metropolitan University),
and  Christine Froula (Northwestern University, Chair of the Judging

Putting in question the widely accepted proposition by eminent Mansfield
biographer Antony Alpers that a lost letter from Mansfield to Woolf
inspired Woolf’s famous short story, Karina Jakubowicz examines an array of
documents by Mansfield, Woolf, and Ottoline Morrell, whose spectacular
Italianate and wild gardens at Garsington Manor drew many artists and
thinkers loosely associated with Bloomsbury, to demonstrate the lively
interest in gardens as a literary theme shared by several of these writers.
Such documents include Morrell’s unpublished manuscript, ‘Garsington.’
Jakubowicz characterises Morrell’s, Mansfield’s and Woolf’s distinct
approaches to writing about gardens even as each seeks to capture in words
the vibrancy, movement, colour, and experimentation of garden spaces. In
the judges’ view, this outstanding essay offers a detailed, original and
astute reconsideration of the origins of *Kew Gardens *within these
writers’ shared interest in the social and psychological possibilities of
garden spaces for literary representation. It brings archival materials to
light and examines in detail the interconnections, experiences and
correspondences of Morrell, Mansfield, and Woolf to show why each was
attracted to traditional gardens as spaces to set in play ‘bold, even
radical ideas.’

Karina Jakubowicz is a doctoral candidate at University College London
writing a thesis on gardens in the work of Virginia Woolf. She now teaches
at University College London and The Foundation for International
Education. She recently published *Garsington Manor and the Bloomsbury
Group* with Cecil Woolf Publishers. Her current scholarly work widens the
scope of her dissertation to the study of gardens in the work of
early-twentieth-century writers. ‘A Conversation Set to Flowers: Beyond the
Origins of Virginia Woolf’s *Kew Gardens*’ will appear in Katherine
Mansfield Studies, volume 10, on the topic of *Katherine Mansfield and
Virginia Woolf*, to be published in October 2018 by Edinburgh University
Press. All members of the Katherine Mansfield Society will receive a copy
on publication.

For further information on the Society, including details of how to join,
please go to: http://www.katherinemansfieldsociety.org

Past winners of our essay prize are listed here: http://www.katherinemans
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