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The editors of Modernism/modernity’s Print Plus platform are pleased to announce the publication of a new peer-reviewed article. “Spontaneity, Intimacy, and Friendship in Morton Feldman’s Music of the 1950s” by Ryan Dohoney is available at: https://doi.org/10.26597/mod.0030 


“Morton Feldman became a full-time composer at the age of forty. He had worked in the family business—a children’s coat factory near LaGuardia Airport in New York City—since his early twenties and been disparaged by Pierre Boulez as a dilettante because of it.[2] In the spring of 1966, Feldman wrote to John Cage that the business “went kaput, and now I’m blessed with total insecurity.”[3] His insecurity was hardly total. Through a chance meeting that year following a performance of Merce Cunningham’s Summerspace—accompanied by his graph piece Ixion—Feldman established a long-lasting patronage relationship with Dominique de Menil.[4] Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship as well, Feldman lectured in the UK, where his music was recorded and broadcast on BBC...” Read more at https://doi.org/10.26597/mod.0030


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