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Resistance and Reform: **Modernist Women *

*and American Social Engagement*

modernistwomen2017 at gmail.com

Editors: Jody Cardinal, SUNY Old Westbury, Deirdre Egan-Ryan, St. Norbert
University, Julia Lisella, Regis College

While the study of modernism typically focuses on avant-garde formal
experimentation, *Resistance and Reform: **Modernist Women and American
Social Engagement* offers an important corrective by insisting on a
reassessment of the roots of modernist experimentation and innovation. This
volume will include essays that analyze the careers and writings of
modernist women writers during the first half of the twentieth century
whose artistic productions were closely tied to or invested in various
forms of social engagement, community activism, political resistance, or
cultural change. As a whole, this volume will explore the ways in which
modernist artistic innovations by women writers might be more expansively
reconceived in light of the social and political movements from which such
careers and works emerged. By so doing, this volume will serve to expand
the existing scholarly conversations by examining new connections and
opening up new areas of focus for the next generation of scholars of
modernism, women  and gender studies, activist writing, and American
literature of the first half of the 20th century.

For this volume, the editors seek previously unpublished essays that focus
on modernist women writers whose work foregrounds social, political, or
cultural change. Essays may also consider women artists and intellectuals
who were working toward similar aims. Ideally, essays will explore the ways
in which a focus on such engagement expands or reconsiders our current
American modernist canon. The editors interpret “modernism” and “social
engagement” widely, and will consider essays from all critical,
theoretical, and disciplinary perspectives that focus on U.S. women writers
and artists from roughly 1910-1945. Within these parameters, the editors
are interested in essays that might do any of the following:


   reinterpret canonical and non-canonical texts in light of socially
   engaged modernism

   raise questions about the relationship between experimentation and

   interpret texts as modernist that have not been categorized as such
   (e.g. regionalists, Harlem Renaissance writers, sentimental or popular
   writers, etc.)

   focus on the lesser-known work of advocacy, resistance, or reform of
   more well-known and canonical artists whose engaged work or focus remains

   expand theoretical, national, or historical borders while maintaining a
   U.S. focus

   approach the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective

   consider issues of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality

   interrogate the effects of imperialism, economics, or cosmopolitanism on
   a work or works

   refute or support the notion of an “alternate” modernism

Indeed, all sound abstracts will be given full consideration.

For an invitation to contribute, please send a 500- to 750-word abstract,
an abbreviated 2 page CV, and a cover note that 1) tells us a bit about how
your work would contribute to such a volume, and 2) provides a brief bio
that refers to publications and current research, by *July 15*. We
anticipate making final selections for the volume *by August 15* and will
require completed manuscripts by *November 15th*.

Please send queries and submission materials to modernistwomen2017 at gmail.com
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