[Msa-discuss] CFP: Modernism on the World Stage (Prospective Cluster on Print Plus)

Kevin Andrew Riordan (Asst Prof) KRiordan at ntu.edu.sg
Wed Jun 7 01:52:36 EDT 2017

Call for Papers: Modernism on the World Stage

We seek short provocative essays addressing the topic of “Modernism on the World Stage” for a prospective, peer-reviewed cluster on Modernism/modernity’s Print Plus platform.

The early twentieth century saw the establishment of an unprecedented global performance circuit and, with it, something of a new “world stage.” The expansion of communication and transportation networks not only facilitated the increased circulation of translated plays, treatises, and images but also enabled theater practitioners to travel and tour more widely. Our proposed cluster for Print Plus examines these modernist performance networks in light of the expansion of modernist studies into global, planetary, and geo-modernisms. How do the field’s geographical and temporal fluidities ignite new ways of making and encountering performance on stage and in everyday life?

In bringing together this work, we invite debate on the more flexible and dynamic modernisms produced through studying embodied behavior across shifting spaces and multiple times. We believe that theater studies—with its rigorous attention to questions of time and space, materiality, and the body—can provide modernist studies with important methodological traction in analyzing the dispersive networks of modernism. At the same time, we draw on recent modernist work to offer fresh approaches to theater scholarship that moves beyond text and performance to consider objects, performers and audiences, as well as the financial and material resources necessary to put performance on the world stage.

For this Print Plus project, we ask interested scholars to contribute concise, provocative essays (~3000 words with accompanying media artifacts) that illuminate the methodological challenges and opportunities of examining global modernism through the lens of theater and performance studies. To take full advantage of the Print Plus platform, we imagine this work creatively integrating images, sound files, and other not-strictly-discursive traces of historical performance.

If interested, please send a 300-word abstract as well as a brief biography to Rebecca Kastleman (kastlem at fas.harvard.edu), Kevin Riordan (kriordan at ntu.edu.sg), and Claire Warden (claire.warden at dmu.ac.uk) by September 1, 2017. We anticipate that the short essays will be due on January 15, 2018.

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