[Msa-discuss] MSA CFP - Authors' Rights / Human Rights

Marius Hentea marius.hentea at sprak.gu.se
Tue Jan 31 15:48:12 EST 2017

I'm posting this again because a proposed panelist has dropped out -- if anybody is interested, please contact me with a short abstract by Thursday, 2 February!

Authors' Rights / Human Rights

This proposed panel examines how international organizations and authors' associations reconfigured modernist authorship. How did authors come to have rights in the modernist period, and how were these rights analogous to human rights? Proposed papers can look at institutional configurations of authorship in international organizations like PEN International and UNESCO or domestic authors' associations like the Society of Authors. Papers looking at the post-WWII period, when authors faced purge trials in a number of European countries, would be especially welcome.

The panel, if accepted, would be linked to the special stream 'Human Rights, Borders, and Displacements' at MSA 19 (Amsterdam, 10-13 August 2017).
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