[Msa-discuss] Katherine Mansfield Society Online Series Call for Submissions: Katherine Mansfield and Food

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Dear all,

In this new age of open access scholarship and digital humanities, the KMS
is delighted to attach the first Call for Submissions for its Online Essay
Series (ISSN 2397-9046) and Online Creative Works Series (ISSN 2397-9038).
For all queries please email the Online Series Editor, Illya Nokhrin:
kms at katherinemansfieldsociety.org

 *Katherine Mansfield Society Online Series Call for Papers: *

*Katherine Mansfield and Food *

The Katherine Mansfield Society’s Online Essay Series (ISSN 2397-9046) and
Creative Works Series (ISSN 2397-9038) invite both essay and creative work
submissions which focus on depictions of food in Katherine Mansfield’s
works. In “Katherine Mansfield's Fairytale Food”, Sarah Shieff suggests
that “food works as a lens or window through which to focus Mansfield's
moments of ‘fleeting disruption, when an established way of life is jolted
by something other, strange and disturbing'”. How does food work to bring
out moments of “fleeting disruption” in Mansfield’s works? How else does
Mansfield use depictions of food and its production and/or consumption in
her texts?

Topics for submissions to the Online Essay series might include:

- The production or consumption of food as metaphor for relationships
between ourselves and others and/or between humans and nature.

- The gender and/or class divisions in the production, service, and/or
consumption of food in Mansfield’s stories or poems

- Mansfield’s use of food in order to depict specific settings or

- The relationship between food and World War One (eg. via allusions to
rationing, shortages, or post-war plenitude) in Mansfield’s works

- Food as enabling or preventing self-reflection or self-exploration

Submissions to the Online Creative Works series might consider:

- Creative reworkings of Mansfield’s recipes or depictions of food in
Mansfield’s letters, diaries, poems, or stories.

- Works focusing on food that seek to pay homage to Mansfield via their
style and/or aesthetics

- Depictions or (re)imaginings of Mansfield’s relationship to food

Please send submissions of completed essays or creative works to the
Onlines Series Editor, Illya Nokhrin at kms at katherinemansfieldsociety.org
 with ‘Online Essay Series’ or ‘Online Creative Works Series’ in the
subject line by *30 JUNE 2017*.

Submissions to both series will be double peer-reviewed prior to
acceptance. We ask that essays follow the society’s Style Guide, which is
accessible at the following URL: http://katherinemansfieldsocie

To view the KMS Online Series, please go to our website:
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