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"Modernism and the Archive":
 This panel invites papers on the importance of the archive to modernist studies. The "new modernist studies" has involved a temporal and spatial expansion (beyond Europe and North America and the period 1890-1940), along with an expansion of its materials, to include a variety of cultural forms, work by marginalized social groups, and contexts of cultural production, dissemination, and reception. This expansion and complication of the field has been fueled by archival research, and has helped in turn to generate digital archives. As the recent digital exhibitions at the MSA conference demonstrate, digital archives will increasingly provide access to the material histories, texts, and artifacts of modernism.  Archives not only build bridges between disciplines but consolidate disciplines, objects of study, and methodologies: how can reflection on the "archival turn" help us to assess the state of the field and new directions for modernist studies and digital humanities?
 Papers might address:
 What kinds of archives have been used in modernist scholarship, and what kinds have been neglected or overlooked?
What archives should we explore (that we are not)?
The ways in which particular archives have opened up new histories of modernism or new understandings of particular modernist writers/artists
The reimagination of the modernist archive in the digital age
The problems and/or possibilities presented by the migration of the traditional archive (as a repository of documents and artifacts) to digital environments
How modernist works make use of archives and/or negotiate their status as archives
Collectors, collections, and the making of modernism
Gaps or omissions in the archival record, Feminist and LGBT recovery work
The politics of the archive
Affect and the archive
The romance/aura of the archive

Please submit 250 word abstracts by March 15th to Susan Rosenbaum srosenb at uga.edu<mailto:srosenb at uga.edu>

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