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Dear MSA Members,

The CFP for MSA 2018 Columbus: Graphic Modernisms is up at the conference website, https://msa.press.jhu.edu/conferences/msa2018/.  We've also included a shorter version of it below. The submission portals on the website will be ready by early January.

We look forward to seeing you in Columbus this November!

Jesse Schotter
Thomas S. Davis

CFP for the Modernist Studies Association’s Annual Conference
“Graphic Modernisms”
Columbus, OH, November 8-11, 2018
Host: Ohio State University

“Graphic Modernisms” encompasses many of the central innovations of the modernist period.  One of modernism's most enduring legacies is its challenge to what counts as permissible in artistic representation. The most well-known and canonical examples range from Wilfred Owen's depictions of war-ravaged bodies to the frank portrayals of sexuality in the fiction of D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, Jean Rhys, Henry Miller, and Anais Nin.  In these works, we might say that graphic modernism refers both to thematics and formal structures.  Yet, in other works, “graphic” retains the word’s etymological combination of writing and drawing.  Experimentation with text and image underwrites Surrealist texts like André Breton's Nadja, silent cinema’s use of intertitles, propaganda and poster art, and that distinctly modern invention, the comic, the largest collection of which is housed in Columbus’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library. And, finally, the “graphic” encompasses new methodologies from the digital humanities that have given us alternate ways to map and graph modernist cultural activity from across the globe. We encourage proposals on any of the above definitions of “Graphic Modernisms,” as well as any other ways in which the “graphic” might be conceptualized.  In order to encourage interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches and to draw upon the special opportunities presented by this year’s Columbus location, the organizers will be considering panels run under two special streams: “Visual Cultures,” which will focus on extraliterary topics such as visual art, film, photography, comics and cartoons, fashion, architecture, and design; and “Energy and Ecology” which will take up the multiple relationships between modernist cultural production and planetary crisis.  If you are interested in proposing a panel linked to either of these streams, please make this clear in your proposal.

The conference organizers for “Graphic Modernisms” invite proposals for seminars and pre-conference workshops (due February 8), panels and roundtables (due April 8), and poster sessions and multimedia/digital exhibitions (due May 8).  We encourage proposals relevant to the conference theme but welcome panel, seminar, and roundtable proposals on all topics related to modernism. The primary criterion for selection will be the quality of the proposal, not its relevance to the conference theme. We ask that proposals provide complete panels and roundtables. Individuals seeking to create or to participate in a panel or roundtable are encouraged to visit the MSA CFP page<https://msa.press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/cfp_view.cgi> or the MSA Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/groups/35866051126/> page for guidelines to develop and opportunities to promote a panel or roundtable. All proposals must include requests for AV provisions and disability accommodations.

The MSA values diversity of national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, migration status, ability, class, employment status, and other forms of identity. We encourage conference participants and organizers to take this into account when making proposals for MSA 2018 conference.

All queries should be directed to msa2018columbus at gmail.com<mailto:msa2018columbus at gmail.com>.

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