[Msa-discuss] “Mind the Gap! Modernism and Feminist Praxis" now live on Print Plus

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Wed Aug 9 01:02:27 EDT 2017

Dear MSA Members,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new cluster on Modernism/modernity’s Print Plus platform. “Mind the Gap! Modernism and Feminist Praxis,” a cluster edited by Urmila Seshagiri<https://modernismmodernity.org/users/urmila-seshagiri>, “marks Modernism/ modernity’s first forum dedicated to feminism and women modernists. Our forum situates its arguments at the nerve center of twentieth-century feminism, engaging diverse aspects of modern women’s lives through equally diverse methodologies. Feminism serves as a mode of critical discourse as well as an object of study, a rich doubling that shapes our dialogues about two constitutive aspects of modernism: history and genre” (https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/modernism-and-feminist-praxis).

The conversation includes:

Metics, Methods, and Modernism<https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/posts/metics-methods-and-modernism>
Madelyn Detloff, Miami University (Ohio)

“Contributing to a discussion about feminism, modernism, and methodology is a daunting prospect. Not only is “feminism” a notoriously slippery concept to define once and for all…”

Choice and Change: Modern Women, 1910–1950<https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/posts/choice-and-change>
Anne Fernald, Fordham University

“There is a lag between the advent of a major social change—the right to vote, the availability of education, working for pay outside the home—and the moment when any one individual avails herself of the opportunities arising from such a change....”

The Spirit of Revolt: Women Writers, Archives and the Cold War<https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/posts/spirit-revolt-women-writers-archives-and-cold-war>
Rowena Kennedy-Epstein, University of Bristol

“During my first term as a new lecturer in twentieth/twenty-first century women’s writing and gender studies, a male colleague said that he would never teach H.D. in a course with Pound and Eliot because she “just wasn’t in the same league, at...”

Rose McClendon’s Playbill: The Vagabond Modernism of New Negro Theater<https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/posts/rose-mcclendon>
Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Why aren’t black women writers more central in conversations around the avant-garde in modernism? Without resorting to VIDA-like statistics, we can observe that black women’s writing still occupies a marginal role in modernist inquiry despite...”

Towards a Transformative Feminist Aesthetics: Antagonism, Commodification, and the “Racial Contract” in Larsen’s “Sanctuary”<https://modernismmodernity.org/forums/posts/towards-transformative-feminist-aesthetics>
Ewa Ziarek, University of Buffalo

“My approach to feminist aesthetics in modernism takes as one point of departure an ongoing critical negotiation with Theodor Adorno’s theory of heteronomous autonomy of art in the context of feminism and race theory. This approach is not without...”

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