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Subject: Call for papers: Individual, Community and Cosmopolitanism

CALL FOR PAPERS | The Sixth International Conference on English and American Literature

The Sixth International Conference on English and American Literature will be held from April 21 to 22, 2017 (Friday-Saturday) at Hongkou Campus, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). Thetheme of this conference is “Individual, Community and Cosmopolitanism.”

Conference Description
The modern notion of cosmopolitanism implicitly defines an ambivalent situation, in which to be human is being at once an individual (or a citizen) in the communal state (“polis”) and part of a universal order (“cosmos”). What happens is that our new post-national process, the growing importance of multiculturalism, and the increasing division of human identities, have constantly redrawn, revised and redefined our ideas of the individual, the community and the world at large. Fortunately, literature, essentially an imaginative representation of humanity, has offered us an appropriate venue for a deep understanding of human condition, communal differences and cultural diversity. The primary goal of this conference is to explore and exemplify the highly complex and sometimes paradoxical relationship among individual experience, communal life and global change in English and American literature.
The conference features (but is not limited to) the following topics:
1.       Individual Experience and Characterization in Literature
2.      The Representation of Community in Literature
3.      The Theme of Cosmopolitanism in Literature
4.      Aesthetics and Literary Criticism
5.       Studies of Major English & American Writers and Their Works
6.      The Teaching of English & American Literature in China
Well-known scholars from home and abroad will be invited to deliver keynote speeches in the conference. The working languages of the conference are both English and Chinese.

Abstract Submission
Abstracts of the proposed paper (within 150 words, title and key words included) should be sent to us by email (shisu2017 at 126.com<mailto:shisu2017 at 126.com>) before March 15, 2017. Papers submitted to the conference will be selected for publication in English and American Literary Studies (CSSCI).

Conference Registration
Registration for the Sixth International Conference on English and American Literature (SISU) is now open to scholars around the world. Please contact us via email for details of registration rates, accommodation and local transportation during the conference. If you decide to attend the event, please fill the Registration Form (Registration Form.doc) below and send it to us before the deadline (March 15, 2017).

School of English Studies, SISU
Institute of Literary Studies, SISU
Center for English and American Literary Studies, SISU
The Editorial Board of English and American Literary Studies

Contact Person: Ms. Cheng Xin
E-Mail: shisu2017 at 126.com<mailto:shisu2017 at 126.com>
Tel.: +86-21- 35372433
Postal address:
School of English Studies,
Shanghai International Studies University
550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, China.

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