[Msa-discuss] Modernism Now: ACLA 2017 (Utrecht)

Martin Harries martin.harries at uci.edu
Sat Sep 3 12:08:46 EDT 2016

Link to the ACLA site for description of panel and submission of paper


Text of call for papers also pasted below.



ACLA 2017

Organizer: Urmila Seshagiri

Co-Organizer: Martin Harries

We seek papers about works of contemporary art in any genre that define
themselves  in significant ways in relation to modernist predecessors. 
These relations may be marked by imitation, by revision, by negation -
indeed, by any of a number of modes.  We are especially interested in
analyses of works that articulate stances in relation to clearly defined
modernist predecessors: in works of art, literature, music, theatre,
photography, and film, that is, that carry internal definitions of
modernism.  We do _not_ want to re-open the more general discussion of
what modernism was; nor do we want to invite the seminar to engage the
task of defining modernism as a general aesthetic or historical
formation.  We are instead interested in local treatments or strategic
uses of modernism, of modernism in particular formations put to
particular uses in particular works.  We seek papers across genres and
across media, as well as papers that span geographies and cultures.

Questions might include:

    Why modernism now, still?

    How do particular understandings or ideologies of modernism
structure contemporary works?

    How does a work in one medium define itself in relation to a
modernist work in another medium?
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