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*CFP - **Studies in the Novel*

*Special Issue: "Gender and the Cultural Preoccupations of the American
West" *

Deadline for submissions: 9/1/2016

Studies in the Novel is currently seeking submissions for a special issue
on “Gender and the Cultural Preoccupations of the American West,” guest
edited by Sigrid Anderson Cordell (University of Michigan) and Carrie
Johnston (Bucknell University), which will be published in fall 2017.

This special issue examines the novel as a tool of political engagement
through which women writers have challenged prevalent notions of the
American West as masculine, antimodern, and untouched. Even thirty years
after Annette Kolodny’s foundational study The Land Before Her, recent work
by Nina Baym and Krista Comer has shown there is considerable work to be
done to account for women writers’ engagement with the West as an
imaginative and political space. Likewise, new directions in gender
studies, border theory, settler colonialism, and critical regionalism have
made new conversations about the Western as a literary genre increasingly

We invite contributions that examine the ways that women novelists have
located themselves in the West—both imaginatively and geographically—asking
how these narratives have engaged cultural “preoccupations” with the West
as an extension of the predominantly white, masculine public sphere.
Examining these narratives, contributors will also evaluate gendered
representations of the longstanding contested nature of the “occupation” of
western territories and, more recently, US borders.

Possible topics include:


   Women’s writing and borderlands

   Gender and settler colonialism

   Intersections of post-feminism, the post-western, and the post-racial

   Novels about the West as spaces for debate

   New readings of canonical western women writers like Willa Cather and
   Mary Austin

   Ways that the critical landscape shifts by paying attention to neglected

   New readings of under-read women writers

   Women writers and the post-West or post-regionalism

   Globalization and the novel

   Visualities in women’s novels about the West

   The Western novel as a gendered genre

   The gendering of anthropology in narratives about the West

Submissions should be sent in MS Word, devoid of personal identifying
information. Manuscripts should be 8,000-10,000 words in length, inclusive
of endnotes and Works Cited, have standard formatting (1” margins,
double-spaced throughout, etc.), and conform to the latest edition of the MLA
Style Manual. Endnotes should be as brief and as limited in number as
possible. Illustrations may accompany articles; high-resolution digital
files (JPEGs preferred) must be provided upon article acceptance. All
copyright permissions must be obtained by the author prior to publication.

Questions and submissions should be sent to studiesinthenovel at unt.edu.

The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2016.

Carrie Johnston, Ph.D.
cej007 at bucknell.edu | 570-577-3232
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Scholarship
Bucknell University, ITEC, Bertrand 317
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