[Msa-discuss] CFP for MSA 18: Modernist Discourse, Italian Theory and the Search for Critical Thought

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Discourse, Italian Theory and the Search for Critical Thought

This panel considers the movement of deterritorialization
or displacement of European philosophy with special attention to the intimate
bond between critical thought and negative passions.  The challenge of intellectuals after Adorno's
famous indictment of the culture industry was to be (in Susan Sontag's words)
adversarial intellectuals while owning their attraction to popular culture as a
source of insight. This panel asks how, after the deconstruction of the
high/low divide and the hybridity of cultural studies, the privileged
connection of critical thought and the negative might have changed. For all
those interested in modernism, the focus on Italian Theory provides acute angles from
which to reimagine the trajectory of modernity, including
Italian thought’s emphasis on community and its modes of defense, on life and the
role of the impersonal, and on the recognition of a possible affirmative critical horizon.

 Please send abstracts by  April 9,
2016 to mmitrano at luc.edu



Mena Mitrano

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