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Surrealist Topographies
At the Maison Française in Oxford
15th April 2016, 1.45-6.30pm
Organised by Nathalie Aubert and Eric White, Oxford Brookes University

The main aim of this symposium is to create an understanding of the
Surrealist movement as a network and explore its topographies. For a long
time, phrases like the 'British literary diaspora' have been used to
describe 'the great flight of writers from England' in the 1920s and 30s,
rather than there being an alternatively-viewed sense offered of the active
quest for engagement with the continent. Most of these artists headed for
the Continent, thus creating a bridge between a number of European capitals
(among other destinations). It was not a one-way bridge however: the two
wars for example were responsible for the arrival of refugee European
intellectuals in London, who were influential in changing the artistic
landscape of the Uk’s capital. This symposium hopes to provide an
opportunity to examine Surrealism and its engagement in London, Paris and
Brussels, and seeks to explore the extent to which interactions between
artists and poets in England, France and Belgium produced a range of
practices with a common core. As an interdisciplinary, multilingual event
it brings together literary and visual arts experts from Britain and
overseas to map the transnational contours of Surrealist theory and

Speakers include: Paul Aron (Université Libre de Bruxelles); Fabrice
Flahutez (Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre); Stephen Forcer (Birmingham
University); Gavin Parkinson (Courtauld Institute, London); Effie Rentzou
(Princeton University); and Nicole Sierra (King’s College London).

The symposium is free to attend but registration is essential. A limited
number of travel bursaries will be made available to postgraduate
delegates; if you wish to be considered for one then please provide a
2-sentence description of your Doctoral or Masters’ project with your
registration email.

Please contact Nathalie Aubert <naubert at brookes.ac.uk> or Eric White <
ewhite at brookes.ac.uk> by Friday 8 April to register your place.


>From 1.45 Introduction
2pm-2.35pm Paul Aron (Université Libre de Bruxelles): “Le rôle de la scène
médiatique lors de la fondation du surréalisme”
2.35pm-3.10pm Stephen Forcer (Birmingham University): “Birmingham to Paris
(Not) Via London: Surrealism & the Bohemian of Balsall Heath”
3.10pm-3.45pm Nicole Sierra (King’s College London): “Of Parables and
Patronage: Leonora Carrington & Edward James”
3.45-4.25pm Coffee/Tea
4.25-pm-5pm Effie Rentzou (Princeton University): “The topography of the
international: Surrealist Exhibitions”
5pm-5.35 Fabrice Flahutez (Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre): “De Temps
mêlés à Phantomas : un aller-retour Paris-Belgique”
5.35pm- 6.20pm Gavin Parkinson (Courtauld Institute, London): “Surrealist
Rauschenberg: Poetics and Politics in the 1960s”

Closing remarks


All best wishes,
Dr. Eric White
Senior Lecturer in American Literature
Subject Coordinator, MA in English
Oxford Brookes University

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