[Msa-discuss] Introducing The Modernist Review

Stephanie Boland sjb268 at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Jul 18 04:30:54 EDT 2016

We are delighted to announce that the British Association for Modernist
Studies will now be hosting its own online space for new work in modernist
studies, *The Modernist Review <http://themodernistreview.co.uk/>*.

*The Modernist Review *is designed to provide a platform for scholars and
others with a keen interest in modernism to share emerging work across a
range of interests.

We believe that accessible does not necessarily mean less rigorous. While
we intend to make *The Modernist Review *an interesting read for
non-academic audiences, we also want it to be a good place to share those
research off-cuts that don’t really fit anywhere else.

If you’ve come across a curious book, poster, film or quotation which
doesn’t work in your current project, this is where to send it. Similarly,
if a late-night thought leaves you with a thousand words on the state of
modernist studies, we’d like to see them.

Visit us now here <http://themodernistreview.co.uk/>, and please do
consider submitting! <http://themodernistreview.co.uk/submissions/>

You can also follow us on twitter @modernistreview

Thank you,

Helen Saunders and Stephanie Boland (BAMS PGR reps)
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