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                                                            From Northwestern University Press

Long Shadows
The Second World War in British Fiction and Film
Edited by Petra Rau
"An excellent, wide-ranging and authoritative overview of the cultural impact of the Second World War. It covers a great deal of ground with grace and insight." -Mark Glancy, author of Hollywood and the Americanization of Britain and The 39 Steps: A British Film Guide

Few countries attribute as much importance to the Second World War and its memory as Britain; arguably nowhere else has this confl t developed such longevity in cultural memory and retained such presence in contemporary culture. Long Shadows is about how literature and film have helped shape this process in Britain. More precisely, the essays collected here suggest that this is a continuous work in progress, subject to trans- generational revisions, political expediencies, commercial considerations, and the vicis- situdes of popular taste. It would indeed be more accurate to speak of the meanings (plural) that the war has been given at various moments in British cultural life. These semantic variations and fluctuations in cultural import are rooted in the specifi ty of the British war experience, in the political aftermath of the war in Europe, and in its signifi ance for Britain's postwar position on the global stage. In other words, the books and films discussed in these essays respond to how the war has been interpreted and remembered; what is at stake is the way in which the war has been emplotted as a hege- monic cultural narrative about Britain.

Part of the Cultural exPressions of World World ii series
Phyllis Lassner, Series Editor

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PETRA RAU is a senior lecturer in modern literature at the University of East Anglia and the author of Our Nazis: Representations of Fascism in Contemporary Literature and Film.

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Series Editor PHYLLIS LASSNER, Northwestern University, has published books and articles on Elizabeth Bowen, on women writers of World War II, the Holocaust, and

anti-Colonialism. In addition to co-editing collections on Antisemitism and Philosemitism and on Rumer Godden, she created and edits the Northwestern University Press series, "Cultural Expressions of World War II: Interwar Preludes, Responses, Memory." She holds the International Diamond Jubilee Fellowship at Southampton University, UK.


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