[Msa-discuss] CFP for MSA 18: Media, Materiality, Inscription

Matthew Schilleman mschilleman at amherst.edu
Thu Apr 14 18:00:50 EDT 2016

CFP for MSA 18

Media, Materiality, Inscription

Seeking papers that will explore the role that technological media play in the construction of modernism. The period of modernism is one cut through by a major upheaval in the material conditions of recording, transmission, and textual reproduction. In particular, technologies such as the typewriter, phonograph, and cinema changed the nature of writing by manifesting automated, unconscious, and instantaneous modes of inscription. At the same time, “lesser media” such as carbon paper, fountain pens, and stenography were also introduced. Though critics have often discussed modernism’s reaction to the media of its time in terms of ideology, culture, and fantasy, few have explored the subject materially as a question of the technical properties of media. In this panel, we will examine how media, as physical things in the world capable of producing and shaping thought, exert a material influence on modernism, from its notions of aesthetics to the tangible conditions of composing literary works.

Send your name, bio, title, and a description of your paper to mschilleman at amherst.edu by 5pm, April 15.

Matthew Schilleman
Center for Humanistic Inquiry
Amherst College
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