[Msa-discuss] New Monograph Series: Modern American Literature and the New Twentieth Century

Mark Whalan whalan at uoregon.edu
Tue Apr 12 18:45:41 EDT 2016

Announcing a new monograph series with Edinburgh University Press:

Modern American Literature and the New Twentieth Century

Series Editors: Martin Halliwell (University of Leicester) and Mark 
Whalan (University of Oregon)

EUP Commissioning Editor for Literary Studies: Michelle Houston

The concept of 'newness' was central to early modernist attempts to 
differentiate their writing from literary predecessors of the nineteenth 
century. Often incorporated into manifestoes and slogans, newness was 
not just a major aspect of modernist fiction, poetry and drama, but runs 
through American literature of the twentieth century. Focusing on 
perspectives that help to better understand the shifting aesthetic, 
historical, geographical and ideological values of the terms 'new' and 
'modern', this series takes a revisionist approach to twentieth-century 
literary production in the United States. Its focus on technique looks 
both inwards to the craft and form of writing, and outwards to 
interdisciplinary approaches to literary production within a matrix of 
cultural practices. The editors welcome proposals for theoretically 
innovative and historically revisionist monographs that illuminate 
change and continuity within literary practice and that interrogate 
received literary-critical categories. This series of quality monographs 
will seek to critically question boundaries and concepts that have come 
to define the production, reception and appropriation of modern American 

Contact Details

Michelle Houston: Michelle.Houston at eup.ed.ac.uk

Martin Halliwell: mrh17 at leicester.ac.uk

Mark Whalan: whalan at uoregon.edu


Dr Mark Whalan
Robert D. and Eve E. Horn Professor of English
University of Oregon

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