[Msa-discuss] CFP for MSA 18, November 2016, The Freud Factory

Jaime Hovey jaime.hovey at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 00:15:14 EDT 2016

CFP for MSA 18, 17-20 November 2016, Pasadena CA

The Freud Factory

Seeking papers on the continuing relevance of the work, influence, and cultural legacy of Sigmund Freud that will be part of the MSA 18 “Dream Machines” stream. Papers might address Freudian psychoanalysis as company, brand, apparatus, or machine; Freud producing gender, virtue, sexuality, race, comportment, class, art; conversely, popular notions of Freud manufactured by modernist artistic, literary, social, and political identities, texts, and concerns; the continuing relevance or irrelevance of Freud, Freud and the worker; Freudian scenes; Freudian characters; Freudian spaces; Freud and war; Freudian cruelty; Freud and sexology; Freud and self-medication; queer Freud; cis Freud; the return to Freud; fear of Freud and escape from Freud; Freudian mistakes; Freudian structures; Freudian disasters; Freud and Hollywood.


Send your name, bio, title, and short description of your paper to jaime.hovey at gmail or  jhovey at uchicago.edu <mailto:jhovey at uchicago.edu> by April 14.

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