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Fri Mar 27 12:01:55 EDT 2015

Announcing the launch of Amodern 4: The Poetry Series

A special issue guest-edited by Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell



Jason Camlot and Christine Mitchell

"Theses on Discerning the Reading Series"

Jason Camlot and Darren Wershler

"Beyond the Text: Literary Archives in the 21st Century"

Al Filreis, Jason Camlot, Steve Evans

"Media Archaeology of Poetry and Sound: A Conversation with Shannon Mattern"

Christine Mitchell, Shannon Mattern

"Notes on Pataphonotextuality"

Al Filreis

"Setting Widespread Precedent: The Canada Council for the Arts and the
Funding of Poetry Readings in Canada (1957–1977)"

Cameron Anstee

"Again the Air Conditioners: Finding Poetry in the Institutional Archive"

Christine Mitchell

"We Stopped at Nothing: Finding Nothing in the Avant-Garde Archive"

Gregory Betts

"Mission Control: An Operator's Manual for Compulibratories"

Dean Irvine

"Spoken, Word: Audio-Textual Relations in UbuWeb, PennSound and SpokenWeb"

Deanna Fong

"Live Vinyl MP3: Mutant Sounds, PennSound, UbuWeb, SpokenWeb"

Danny Snelson

"Listen! Listen! Listen!: Jackson Mac Low's Phonopoetics"

Michael Nardone

"Somewhere Bluebirds Fly: Jackson Mac Low Directs a Poetry Reading"

Brian Reed

"The Poem Among Us, Between Us, There: Muriel Rukeyser's Meta-Poetics
and The Communal Soundscape"

Jane Malcolm

"Playing with Time: Oral History and Literary Studies in the SpokenWeb Project"

Ashley Clarkson, Steven High

"Transcript Collage: Things said at, remembered about, poetry
readings, c. 1966/c.2014"

Jason Camlot

"The Poetry Series: Some Questions of Definition"

Marjorie Perloff

"Can You Hear Me?"

Christine Mitchell


Additionally, Amodern is pleased to announce the second instalment of
our new series, CURRENTS: "What We Used to Call 'Media History': A
Feature Interview with Wolfgang Ernst" by Ghislain Thibault.




AMODERN is a peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal devoted to
the study of media, culture, and poetics. Its purpose is to provide a
forum for interdisciplinary conversations about the role of media and
technology in contemporary cultural practices. We are particularly
interested in those topics that normally escape scrutiny, or are
ignored or excluded for whatever reason.

The journal is distinguished by its focus on poetics as a scholarly
practice, with particular emphasis on the unruly ways that people
deploy media and technology behind, beneath, and despite their
instrumental functions. Against the grain of determinism, we hope to
attract work that bears witness to media as complex assemblages of
institutions, subjects, bodies, objects, and discourses.

Please send all submissions and queries to:

submissions at amodern.net

Founding Editors: Scott Pound and Darren Wershler

Managing Editor: Michael Nardone

Advisory Board


Johanna Drucker

Matthew Fuller

Gary Genosko

Lisa Gitelman

Alan Liu

Jerome McGann

Marjorie Perloff

Brian Rotman

Kim Sawchuk

Will Straw

Editorial Board


Jason Camlot

cris cheek

Jeff Derksen

Craig Dworkin

Lori Emerson

Jonathan Finn

John Maxwell

Nick Montfort

Sianne Ngai

Bart Simon

Matt Soar

Braxton Soderman

Nicole Starosielski

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