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And you could suggest the student look at my The Columbia Critical Guide to The Waste Land (Columbia UP, 2000) which takes you through extracts from some of the important essays about the poem, and discusses critical debates over it.



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Dear Tamar,

Here's a quick, off-the-top-of-the-head list:

"impersonality" in art (or not)
sexuality and gender
modernist little magazines
defining "culture"
the high culture/low culture binary
religion, esp. Christianity, in modernism
influence (or appropriation?) of Eastern religions and metaphysics
cosmopolitanism, expatriation, exile
anti-Semitism, and race more broadly
modernist anti-Romanticism (or not)
the idea of Europe

The student might find A Companion to T. S. Eliot (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), which I edited, helpful on these issues. The chapter bibliographies would also point the student to solid further readings. http://www.amazon.com/A-Companion-T-S-Eliot/dp/1118647092

David Chinitz

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Dear MSA discussion folks,

A student preparing for his fields (in another literature department) has asked me what the major critical debates over T.S. Eliot have been. I'm not a poetry specialist, so I wondered whether modernist poetry experts could suggest a cluster of topics or critics or essays. I gather that the debate doesn't have to be especially recent.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Tamar Katz
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