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Dear MSA Listserv moderator,

I hope that you can post the following academic journal announcement for *NANO:
New American Notes Online*, an interdisciplinary humanities journal, on
your listserv:


Just Published: Issue 7 of *NANO: New American Notes Online*


*NANO: New American Notes Online*, a City Tech interdisciplinary journal,
has officially published Issue 7: The Aesthetics of Trash. This special
issue is the result of a collaboration between guest editors David Banash
(Western Illinois University) and John DeGregorio (University of Iowa), the
seven article authors, and *NANO*'s editorial team: Sean Scanlan, Ruth
Garcia, and Rebecca Devers.

This special issue of *NANO* asks questions about the nature of art,
recycling, and trash. The mix of points-of-view from artists, gallery
curators, and academics provides not just an overview of what is happening
in term of trash, recycling, and ideas of new art, but also the changing
ways that consumers buy, sell, and understand art. From interpretations of
the Pixar/Disney film WALL-E to recycling techno trash, from beautiful
waste to hoarding, this special issue asks readers to rethink what
happens--and what should happen--to household and industrial waste.

Table of Contents:

◼︎ NANO Special Issue Introduction: The Aesthetics of Trash by David Banash
and John DeGregorio

◼︎ Trash as Trash as Art: Reflections on the Preservation and Destruction
of Waste in Artistic Practice by Stacy Boldrick

◼︎ Trash and Aesthetics in the Hoard by Charmaine Eddy

◼︎ Out of Site & Out of Mind: Speculative Historiographies of Techno-trash
by Mél Hogan and Andrea Zeffiro

◼︎ Notes on Cool: The Temporal Politics of Friendly Monsters and the
E-waste Aesthetic by Sabine LeBel

◼︎ Trash Aesthetics and the Sublime: Strategies for Visualizing the
Unrepresentable within a Landscape of Refuse by Emit Snake-Beings

◼︎ Drawing a Transductive Ecosophy in Process: Technological Arts, Residual
Matter, Associated Milieus by Gisèle Trudel

Visit the journal at: www.nanocrit.com

Contact: sscanlan at citytech.cuny.edu, editornano at citytech.cuny.edu

Sean Scanlan, founder and editor

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Thank you,
Sean Scanlan

Sean Scanlan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
New York City College of Technology
The City University of New York
300 Jay Street, Namm 520
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Editor: *NANO: New American Notes Online*
Senior Fellow: Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center (BWRC)

Email: sscanlan at citytech.cuny.edu
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