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Dear all,

Below is a CFP that I hope may be of interest to many of you. The Fall 2016
issue of the *Virginia Woolf Miscellaney* special topic is "Woolf and
Illness." Since the medical humanities and Woolf scholarship both have been
and are developing discourses, contributors are welcome to take up previous
publications and research related to their submission (footnoting
appropriately) as that can only enrich the ongoing and evolving
conversation. Intertextuality is at the heart of what we do and Woolf's own
philosophy, so I also encourage you to pass this along for maximum
interdisciplinary evolution. Email me with any questions, and I look
forward to reading your submissions!

Best regards,

Cheryl Hindrichs

*CFP Virginia Woolf Miscellany*

*Issue #90, Fall 2016*

*Special Topic: *

*Woolf and Illness*

*Submissions due: 31 March 2016*

Virginia Woolf’s 1926 essay “On Being Ill” questions why illness has failed
to feature as a prime theme of literature, alongside love, battle, and
jealousy. This issue of VWM seeks contributions on Woolf’s exploration of
illness in her life and work, as a paradigm for reexamining modernist
literature and art, and its influence on subsequent writers. Topics might
include questions such as: How does the literature of illness challenge or
enhance theories of trauma, narrative ethics, and disability studies? How
does Woolf’s focus on the politics and aesthetics of the ill body inform
our understanding of the period, including in relation to Victorian values,
in relation to the 1918-19 flu pandemic, and in relation to mechanized
modernity’s drive toward professionalization and specialization? How has
the contemporary literary landscape changed to contribute to the popularity
of Woolf’s focus—from the success of the medical humanities to the
proliferation of autopathographies? What might be inspiring or potentially
problematic in Woolf’s theory of illness as a site for creative rebellion?

Send submissions of no more than 2500 words by 31 March 2016 to:
Cheryl Hindrichs at <*cherylhindrichs at boisestate.edu
<cherylhindrichs at boisestate.edu>*>

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