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Jonathan Morse jmorse at hawaii.edu
Tue Sep 9 02:19:35 EDT 2014

The other day I sent the list my fervent thanks for your collective good
ideas about a textbook for an undergraduate course in modernism. My note is
still awaiting moderation, though, and now I think I know why: it went to
the non-members' mailbox because I didn't send it from the address that the
MSA has on file. Eventually, though, you should receive it, complete with
one more vote from me for Kolocotroni's *Modernism* and a couple of
anecdotes about teaching Hugh Ferriss's *The Metropolis of Tomorrow* and Le
Corbusier's *Toward an Architecture*.

Meanwhile, I think I'll try to work around the textbook problem with
Kolocotroni for background and theory, a few primary American texts, and
volume 2C (the twentieth century) of *The Longman Anthology of British
Literature*. I prefer that one to the comparable Norton both for the
selection, with its in-depth emphasis on major figures, and the apparatus,
which includes things like a few pages from Martin Rowson's comic-book/film
noir version of *The Waste Land* (the one that Valerie Eliot got
suppressed) and some transcript excerpts from the trial of *Ulysses* in
Judge Woolsey's court.

Plus one more tip by way of thanks-again: the BBC docudrama *Riot at the
Rite*, about the premiere of *Sacre du Printemps*, is complete online at

And now to hit Send and see what happens from my official MSA address.

Jonathan Morse
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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