[Msa-discuss] Thanks, everybody, for your suggestions about a modernism textbook

Jonathan Morse morsej001 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 17:08:11 EDT 2014

I agree with those of you who recommend Kolocotroni's excellent *Modernism*,
but I was looking for primary texts rather than what Kolocotroni delivers:
"An Anthology of Sources and Documents." But I may wind up ordering
Kolocotroni along with some novels and books of poetry.

But by way of thanks, may I offer a report about two primary visual
resources that I've used in the last few years?

One is Hugh Ferriss's *The Metropolis of Tomorrow*, available cheap from
Dover. The drawings are the wonderful part, of course, but if you're going
to teach Futurism or a movie like *Metropolis*, Ferriss's mystical view of
the technofuture is usefully disturbing. In my experience, some students
experience an educational reaction against the disturbance

The other is Le Corbusier's *Toward an Architecture*, in the wonderful new
(2007) edition published by the Getty Research Institute: the first
complete English translation ever, with lots of useful editorial matter.
The one time I used it I was a lot more excited than my students were, but
I am going to try it again one of these years and see if I can teach it

Jonathan Morse
University of Hawaii at Manoa
jmorse at hawaii.edu
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