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I wasn't going to respond to the list as a whole, but Stephen provokes!

Alas, I'm pretty sure /The Modern Tradition/ is out of print.

My modernism course this past summer was fully online and used entirely
electronic texts -- I've been surprised by the improvements in access
through different databases over the past two years.  Rainey's edition of
/The Waste Land/ is in ebrary for most subscribers, as are several of the
OUP World Classics editions.  My own student manual was already in ePub,
conveniently, but the e-copies of the primary texts surprised me by
interfacing well with my Sony ereader and iPad -- it was productive in that
context to know students all had the same editions, and also helpful to be
able to check if they'd downloaded them...

The Kolocotroni anthology (UEdinP or UChicP) is my personal favourite for
print editions, but it needs other companion texts for primary readings.
The Rainey anthology (Blackwell) is strongest in primary materials but has
other issues.  I suspect Jonathan Morse is looking for primary texts.

With so much now out of copyright, when will the MSA start a creative
commons critical collection?  Crowd sourced?

All best,

ps: As personal note, using Ghanim Samarrai's recent "Rejuvenating T.S.
Eliot’s The Waste Land" on Arabic translations was electrifying for my
class, a quarter of whom spoke Arabic.

On 2014-09-07 12:19 PM, Stephen Ross wrote:> Thought that one was out of
print. If not it's an excellent choice.
> Brevity and typos are my phone's fault.
> On Sep 7, 2014, at 12:05, "Gregory Castle" <dedalus at asu.edu
> <mailto:dedalus at asu.edu>> wrote:
>> Ellmann and Feidelson, ed. "The Modern Tradition" is useful.
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>> On Sep 7, 2014, at 11:18 AM, "Jonathan Morse" <morsej001 at gmail.com
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>> Can anyone recommend an anthology of primary sources (not just
>> backgrounds or criticism) for a senior-level introduction to modernist
>> literature, primarily in English? The last time I taught this course I
>> used Lawrence Rainey's /Modernism/, but for the well known reasons
>> (eccentric selections, unfocused introductions, fine print, no
>> pictures, and typos and editorial errors on almost every page) I'd
>> rather not live through that experience again.
>> Jonathan Morse
>> Department of English
>> University of Hawaii at Manoa
>> jmorse at hawaii.edu <mailto:jmorse at hawaii.edu>


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