[Msa-discuss] Word Into Image: CFP Reminder and Announcement of Keynote Address

Sarah Hayden sarahkatehayden at gmail.com
Mon May 12 06:13:28 EDT 2014

Dear All,

We are delighted to announce that Peter Manson, superlative poet and author
of the highly acclaimed *Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse *will
provide the keynote address at Word into Image (Tactic Gallery Cork, July
10th 2014).

Entitled 'Species of Spaces in Mallarmé: from page to volume and beyond',
his talk is synopsized as follows:

In Stéphane Mallarmé's late work "Un coup de Dés jamais n'abolira le
Hasard", the white page itself becomes a turbulent and ambiguous medium, at
once buoying up words and threatening them with erasure.  For Mallarmé, the
space occupied by writing had more than the two dimensions of the (rarely
flat) page -- a book, after all, is a volume -- and every book opened onto
an endless series of possible books, authorised by the infinite combinatory
potential of the letters of the alphabet.  The talk will range from poetry,
through Mallarmé's theoretical writings, to the enigmatic notes towards an
unwritten permutational masterpiece, sometimes known as "Le Livre".

​The deadline for abstract submissions is next Friday, May 16th.

​Attendance at the symposium is free and open to all. An exhibition of
visual poetry will be launched in the gallery on the same day, and the
event will lead directly into this year's SoundEye festival (July

Join us!

Best regards,
and with apologies for any cross-posting,
Sarah Hayden.
On behalf of the UCC Modernisms Research Centre: Dr Kerstin Fest, Rachel
Warriner, James Cummins and Dr Sarah Hayden​
Dr Sarah Hayden
IRC Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow
School of English
University College Cork
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