[Msa-discuss] Call for Papers: The Nineteenth Century in the Modernist Imagination

Jeremy Davidheiser jmd413 at lehigh.edu
Fri Mar 28 15:53:41 EDT 2014

Panel Title: The Nineteenth Century in the Modernist Imagination

 Scholars of modernism and the history of ideas have often conceptualized
the modernist cultural imagination as a break with nineteenth-century
cultural and social formations. More recent scholarship, however, has
become interested in expanding our temporal understanding of modernism.
Feelings such as nostalgia and sentimentality--as well as amnesia and
regret--in modernist works signal that the previous century's cultural and
social formations remained a significant preoccupation for modernism. This
panel will explore the active role of 19th-century cultural forms and
structures of feeling within modernism, as a paradigmatic instance of what
Raymond Williams called "residual" culture. By focusing on the continual
play of old-world values in radically experimental and newly articulated
artistic works, this panel will contribute to revisionary approaches to
modernism's temporality.

 Papers would ideally register, either historically or artistically, some
persistent interest in the nineteenth century during the modernist
movements. This could include the continued relevance of blood ties,
genteel or polite behavior, patriarchal sexual and familial relations, or
any other cultural residue that interests you. Papers might investigate a
break from--or adaptations and continuations of--nineteenth-century practice.
Please submit a 250-word abstract and a short academic biography to Jeremy
Davidheiser at *jmd413 at lehigh.edu <jmd413 at lehigh.edu>* by May 5th.
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